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TAIWAN FUN Taipei City Guide.June, 2009 EDITION:
For those of you old enough, there is a scene of a much younger Tom Cruise jumping about with sunglasses in his underwear embedded in your brain. With the possible exception of 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure', that Tom Cruise scene in 'Risky Business' did more than anything to elevate the art of air guitar....
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COMPASS Taichung City Guide. June, 2015 EDITION:

However, I still remember that what especially impressed me about this winsome young woman was the discovery that, although she could have easily afforded to buy anything she wanted, she loved to do most of her clothes shopping at second-hand thrift shops. To me, it said she was a down-to-earth person who didn't put on airs, or waste money...

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FYI SOUTH Tainan, Kaohsiung, Chiayi City Guide. Spring, 2008 EDITION:
The 17 months I've worked for FYI South has been a mix between frantic and crazy, like trying to figure out how I had four stories due and one day left on the deadline. It's been rewarding and sometimes frustrating, but an experience I'll always value.

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Residents and tourists alike need up-to-date and fun reference materials on where to dine, where to shop, where to stay the night and things to do--locally. Packed with useful information, a pull-out map and designed to fit easily in a back pocket, glove compartment or purse--our Fun Guide fits the bill in one handy and convenient package.

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March,2009-2009 lnternational Dajia Mazu Sightseeing Culture Festival l Download now | more info

February,2009-Spicing up Valentine's Day l Download now | more info

Jaunary,2009-Easy, one-stop shopping for Chinese New Year festivities l Download now | more info

November,2008-Hsinchu by HSR and Padal Power l Download now | more info

October,2008-National Palace Museum l Download now | more info

September,2008-Marokong Gondola:The route to Taipei's Scenic Jewel l Download now | more info

August,2008-Taitung Cunty, a paradise for Eco-Tourism l Download now | more info

July,2008-Cross + Cultural + Relationships l Download now | more info

June,2008-Live Life to the fullest with useful money-saving tips l Download now | more info

May,2008-Networking for the new generation of lnternet users l Download now | more info

April,2008-The Lazy Ways to Youth & Beauty l Download now | more info

March,2008-Exploring indigenous Taipei l Download now | more info

February,2008-Wine Enjoymetnt in Taiwan l Download now | more info

December,2007-Savoring the Season l Download now | more info

September,2007-Enjoying Kenting in the Fall l Download now | more info

June,2007-Things to o a summer evening l Download now | more info

May,2007-Summer Arts Splash l Download now | more info

April,2007-Taipi's hot springs fever warms things up l Download now | more info

March,2007-Martial Arts l Download now | more info

February,2007-Wallowing Towards the New Year l Download now | more info

Jaunary,2007-Yogal Download now | more info


June,2015-Donsh:Mountain scenery and Hakka culture|Download now | more inf

November,2014-Exploring Taichung along the BRT Blue Line|Download now | more inf

June,2014-A Dessert Kaleidoscope~My little pieces of joy|Download now | more inf

January,2014-Up All Night:A Taichung nightlife sampler|Download now | more inf

August,2013-A Cool retreat from the heat:Nantou county's Shanlinxi and Xitou |Download now | more inf

July,2013-Greater Taichung Tourism Factories |Download now | more inf

June,2013-Low-Budget Travel in Taichung: A Backpacker's Perspective |Download now | more inf

May,2013-Greater Taichung's ultimate showcase for food, music & fun:Compass Festival reaches the Big 10|Download now | more inf

April,2013-Embodying the best of Taichung:The Art Museum Parkway continues to shine|Download now | more inf

March,2013-Taichung businesses embrace the English Services Emblem program|Download now | more inf

February,2013-Lunar New Year Day Trips to Traditional Temples|Download now | more inf

December,2012-Living the High Life in Taichung|Download now | more inf

September,2012-Stars Above Canvas:Camping In Central Taiwan|Download now | more inf

August,2012-Taichung's foreign artists add color to the"culture city"|Download now | more inf

December,2011-Top Taichung gifts with creative local flair|Download now | more inf

-Beauty abounds across Xinshe's dazzling Sea Of Flowers|Download now | more info

September,2011-Zhongxin Marketplace:Avant-garde art breathes new life into a trditional setting|Download now | more info

August,2011-Riding the rails to explore Taichung |Download now | more info

July,2011-steet artists bring a touch of color to Taichung |Download now | more info

Juny,2011-Bring the Outside ln:Foreign rsetaurant owners overcome challenges to in Taichung |Download now | more info

May,2011-Eating, Drinking, playing, Having fun: 2011 Compass Taichung lnternational Food & Music welcomes the summer with a bang |Download now | more info

February,2011-Compass Magazine lnterview with Mayor Jason Hu |Download now | more info

Janua,2011-Our City Supersized! |Download now | more info

Sep,2010-Getting creative with your Moon Festival BBQ |Download now | more info

Aug,2010-Sweet to the heart:What makes a good chocolate? |Download now | more info

Jly,2010-2010 LOHAS Summer Fun Carnival in Taichung County |Download now | more info

Jun,2010-Where's the beef in Taichung?|Download now | more info

May,2010-2010 Compass Taichung International Food & music Festival|Download now | more info

-Yunlin County:Great food, intriguing attactions & beautiful scenery|Download now | more info
-TTJ Buses transform Taichung public transportation with convenient, free connections |Download now | more info

May,2009-2009 Compass Taichung International Food & Music Festival Fills a weekend |Download now | more info

April,2009-Exploring scenic, sunny puli|Download now | more info

March,2009-2009 International Dajia Mazu Sightseeing and Culture Festival |Download now | more info

February,2009-Valentine's Day:saying goodbye to your single days |Download now | more info

January,2009-Year of the Ox fun.in.Goeater Taichung |Download now | more info

Noverber,2008-Hisnchu by HSR and Pedal power |Download now | more info

October,2008-All That Jazz:Taiwan's largest jazz festival returns to Taichung |Download now | more info

September,2008-The story of Wurih Brewry Tourism Street |Download now | more info

August,2008-Summer reading fun |Download now | more info

July,2008-2008 Musical lnstrument Festival in Taichung County Kicks Off! |Download now | more info

June,2008-A day of fun & seafood at Taichung Hardor |Download now | more info

May,2008-Compass Magazine's Food & Muisc Festival |Download now | more info

April,2008-2008 lnternational Dajia Mazu Sightseeing and Culture Festival |Download now | more info

March,2008-Creative Markets in Taichung |Download now | more info

February,2008-Wine Enjoyment in Taiwan |Download now | more info

January,2008-Mountain streams&hot springs in Guguan |Download now | more info

December,2007-Where are you going for Christmas and the New Year?|Download now | more info

September,2007-Live life to the fullest with Useful Money-saving Tips|Download now | more info

June,2007-ls there really anywhere to ride here? l|Download now | more info

May,2007-Taichung lnternational Food & Music Festival|Download now | more info

April,2007-Treasure hunting at Taichung's specialty markets |Download now | more info

March,2007-Martial Arts|Download now | more info

February,2007-Wallowing Towards the New Year|Download now | more info

Jaunary,2007-A Peek at Taichung's high-end homes|Download now | more info

Winter,2007-Taiwanese returnees|Download now | more info

July,2007-Taiwan's best train journeys|Download now | more info

June,2007-How to Beat the Summer Heat|Download now | more info

|Download now | more info

March,2007-Kaohsiung Harbour |Download now | more info

February,2007-The Beehives of Yanshuei |Download now | more

Jebruary,2007-New Year's Resolutions |Download now | more info

December,2006-The 10 Roads Of Kaohsiung |Download now | more info

Noveber,2006-DJs vs Live Bands |Download now | more info

October,2006-ls Kaohsiung an English-friendly environment? |Download now | more info

September,2006-The Big Blue-Diving in South Taiwan |Download now | more info

August,2006-Filthy Rich,Dirt Poor
|Download now | more info

July,2006-The Baseball Craze in Taiwan
|Download now | more info

June,2006-TEMPLES! Where the new world meets the old
|Download now | more info

May,2006-Kaohsiung's Markets
|Download now | more info

Apr,2006-Martia Arts in South Taiwanl Download now | more info

Mar,2006-Amateur Photographers Get The Best Shots
|Download now | more info

Feb,2006-Romancing Kaohsiung
|Download now | more info

Jan,2006-Bring the Party Home ! |Download now | more info

Winter,2007-New and lmp'l Tainan|Download now | more info

Summer,2007-Int'I Eats|Download now | more info

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